The AWS Community Day 2023 DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

The AWS Community Day 2023 DACH will happen on Sept 14th 2023. Please note that there will be a networking event in the evening - stay tuned!

AWS Community Day DACH 2023

Our Agenda

The event will (most probably) start around 09:00 in Munich. There will be more than 20 different talks from the community for the community!


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We will provide a lot of space and time for networking as this is what community is about!
If you want to get in touch with the AWS Community DACH right away join our Slack and start chatting and connecting with other AWS enthusiasts.

Location decision100%
Call for Speakers 20%
Talk tracks0%
Sponsorship done40%

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Number of (registered) AWS User Groups in DACH region

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Estimated Talks in 2023


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Call for Speakers

Apply as a speaker!

The event thrives on your participation. We look forward to receiving interesting contributions from you via Sessionize, covering AWS topics at a high technical level. If you're wondering why you should participate, check out the reasons below or talk to one of the organisers directly if you're not sure whether your talk fits the concept or not.

Submit your presentation now!

Preparation creates knowledge!

If you work on a presentation on a cloud topic, you will understand the topic even better afterwards.

Validation of your ideas

You have the opportunity to test your chosen approach with a qualified audience - free of charge.

Friendly environment

You can try out your talk with us, in a cosy, friendly and grateful environment.


By attending, you get a great opportunity to network with others. Many will approach the speaker after a presentation.

Imparting knowledge

You know your subject very well? Great! Other members of the community are looking forward to learning from you, an expert.

Advertise yourself

With such a talk you of course also advertise your person (right: your person and not your company :-) ).

As soon as we're ready you will find the agenda here

The event has the motto "from the community for the community" so if you have something you want to present on Sept 14th in Munich please let us know!

Free of charge participation

Participation in the AWS Community Day DACH is free of charge. We are looking forward to welcoming as many AWS enthusiasts as possible and those who would like to become one on 09/14/2023 in Munich.

For the time being, there is a mailing list which we will use to inform you as soon as the registration is possible:


These are the people behind the AWS Community Day DACH 2023

Thorsten Höger

AWS User Group Stuttgart

AWS DevTools Hero

Philipp Garbe

AWS User Group Munich

AWS Container Hero

Markus Ostertag

AWS User Group Munich

AWS Community Hero

Linda Mohamed

AWS User Group Wien

Andreas Rütten

AWS User Group Hamburg

Aaron Walker

AWS User Group Berlin

Sven Seiler

AWS User Group Dortmund

Stefan Bauer

AWS User Group Frankfurt

Stefan Volkmer

AWS User Group Lower Bavaria

Johannes Koch

AWS User Group Bergstrasse

AWS Community Builder






Any question for us?

If you need more information about the AWS Community Day or want to get in touch with us, e.g. about sponsoring opportunities please reach out to Thorsten Höger or Linda Mohamed.

Thorsten Höger

Linda Mohamed